CG Telecom Private Limited (CG Telecom), a subsidiary of Chaudhary Group, is engaged in telecommunication business with a vision of providing high quality GSM and other telecom services.

Through the acquisition of STM Telecom Sanchar Pvt. Ltd., CG Telecom is currently providing the following telecom services especially catering to the needs of the rural population of Nepal:

  • Public Call Office (PCO) - A wire-line service where the rural population of Nepal is being provided satellite based (VSAT) voice and internet services. A total of 5500 PCOs are in operation in various parts of the country.
  • SKY Service - Wire-line telephony service being provided to individual house-holds in the villages of rural Nepal.
  • International Long Distance Call Services (ILD)- As one of the operators of ILD gateway in Nepal, CG Telecom is providing International Long Distance call services.
  • Internet Services - Incorporating the latest in satellite technology, CG Telecom is providing Internet services in the rural parts of Nepal.
  • Information Tele-Center Kiosk - This service refers to a fully equipped station with internet, fax, scanner, photocopy and printing & other services in rural areas.

CG Telecom operates GSM services throughout Nepal by providing voice, data & educational, farming and health care value added services by incorporating the latest in telecom technology. Seeing a large scope for improvement in terms of Quality of Services, cost and the variety of services, CG Telecom intends to become the largest telecom operator of the country in the very near future.