CG|Education envisions being the best in the education sector through quality, scale and dynamism. We intend to provide educational services involving world class processes, practices, and resources to produce smart, bright and confident students. CG|Education’s goal is to blend quality education with growth and standardization.

In line with our vision and mission, we have eight institutions under its umbrella namely:

  • The Chandbagh School (SLC)
  • The Chandbagh School (CBSE)
  • The Chandbagh Pre-School ‘El Nino’
  • Delhi Public School (Birgunj)
  • Campion School
  • Campion Academy (+2)
  • Campion Academy (A level)
  • Campion Kathmandu College

The Chandbagh School (SLC) was established in 1996 by Chaudhary Education Foundation and is currently being promoted by CG|Education. The school started as a primary school and by 2011/12, it has grown into a full-fledged Higher Secondary School affiliated to the S.L.C. Board of Nepal with around 650 students.

The Chandbagh School (CBSE) has a new premise and functions as an independent unit. The school is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in Delhi, India which is the largest external examination board in the world. With affiliations in 26 countries and an international curriculum, CBSE is a popular program which attracts thousands of students from around the world.

The Chandbagh Pre-School ‘El Nino’ is a Montessori system based school for children between the ages of two and half to six years and has a student body of around fifty children. The Montessori Method involves an internationally acclaim curriculum

of learning and of creates an environment that fosters the fulfillment of their highest potential.

DPS Birgunj is a CBSE and SLC School. It has world class infrastructure and provides students with excellent facilities. The school is student friendly and makes learning fun for children. It is equipped with Digiclass, a three dimensional way towards classroom teaching. DPS pays attention to the holistic development of students by giving equal importance to academics and extra- curricular activities. At present, the school has 560 students.

CG Manipal Schools were opened by CG|Education in association with Manipal K-12 Education Pvt. Ltd. It seeks to provide the best of academic standards and create a high quality learning environment that is innovative, challenging and enterprising. A highly qualified and trained teaching staff combined with technology based content delivery makes the school’s infrastructural facilities one of the best. It currently hosts around 1,440 students in its 4 institutions under the name “Campion”.

The Group secured affiliations from the best available educational institutes and boards, which include:

  • A joint venture with Manipal K-12 (now Pearsons Education Services Pvt. Ltd.) a world renowned educational leader in four institutes.
  • GCE A-Level Program, governed by Cambridge University.
  • A Link with ESOL of Cambridge University for International Standard English Language qualifications tests.

Digi Class from Pearson Educational Services is a comprehensive solution for a school’s ICT needs. It seamlessly integrates with the traditional chalk-and-talk method of teaching in the classroom but also enables teachers to use digital resources such as animations, videos, diagrams and 3D graphics with audio to bring interactivity right inside the classroom. It creates a multi-sensory learning experience for students and enhances their academic performance. DigiClass has been installed in all the schools run by CG|Education.

CG|Education also runs a vocational training institute at Chaudhary Udyog Gram [CUG].

CG Polytechnic is our vocational training program which is conducted in collaboration with Manmohan Memorial Polytechnic. Its fourth batch includes 22 students who are receiving training on mechanical fittings and 57 graduates from the last three batches.