CG Cement Global Pte Ltd (CGCG) was set up as a fully owned subsidiary of CINNOVATION Inc. It is a holding/Investing company to function as the cement arm of the group for Cement Projects as being set up in various countries worldwide.

Currently CG Cement has investments in the following:

  • Global Cement Capital Partner Ltd (GCCP)
  • LV Technology, a Bangkok Based Listed Company


Global Cement Capital Partners Ltd. (GCCP)

CG Cement Global holds a majority stake in a Private equity Company, Global Cement Capital Partners Ltd. (GCCPL). The company invests in various cement plants around the world. GCCP is dedicated in making investments in Cement Business all across the world. This partnership has independent arms through which it will invest in various cement plants in Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, Srilanka, Mozambique etc.

LV Technology Public Company Limited

CG Cement Global also has stake in LV Technology Public Company Limited. LVT is a Bangkok based publicly traded company with the purpose to increase its exposure in Cement Industry which will provide technical and management support to cement manufacturing units. The Company is listed on the Market for Alternative Investments in Thailand since 2004.
LVT provides engineering services to the cement industries and is also engaged in the production of equipment to enhance machine and process efficiency.


Nepal (Dumkibas & Palpa), Myanmar (KBZ Industry Ltd), Sri Lanka, India (Meghalaya), Africa (Mozambique).


Cement brings infrastructural plans to life. It is what binds economic progress. Fulfilling customer’s expectations is our primary objective and it demands responsibility, accountability and commitment. The CG Cement has n a quality management system fully encompassing all functions and activities within the organization, which directly affects its quality. Currently Chaudhary Group is pursuing two plants in Nepal.

Dumkibas - Grinding Unit

This state-of-the-art, fully automated PSC/PPC/OPC cement grinding plant is equipped with PLC and CCR facilities. The plant has been custom designed to make it a compact unit while ensuring minimal pollution. It is strategically located in an area with the highest cement demand. The plant is equipped with the latest technology which enables it to produce high quality end. Cement from this plant will reach the consumer by the end of 2013.

Palpa - Integrated Unit

This is a world class, fully automatic split type integrated cement plant custom-designed to fully comply with American pollution norms. The most advanced technology has been prudently used to build a plant that will set the benchmark for cement manufacturing in the country.