Nabil Bank Ltd. - It is the first foreign joint venture bank of the country. It began its operations in July 1984 and has been a pioneer in introducing many innovative products and marketing concepts in the domestic banking sector which represents a milestone in the banking history of the country as it started an era of modern banking with customer satisfaction measured as a focal objective while doing business.


Financing & Leasing :
United Finance Limited is a consumer finance company, established in 1992 with an objective to mobilize the scattered savings for the purpose of consumer financing. It is a listed company and its shares are actively traded at the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) and have been categorized in Category “A” by NEPSE for three years. The company has a track record of paying dividend continuously for the last six years.

General Insurance
United Insurance Company Nepal Limited – It is an ISO 9001:2000 certificated insurance company. It offers all kinds of non-life insurance services like Fire Insurance, Household Insurance, Motor Vehicle Insurance, Marine Cargo Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Cash-in-transit Insurance, Burglary Insurance, Fidelity Guarantee Insurance, Bankers Indemnity Insurance, Group/ Family Hospitalization Insurance, Medi-claim Insurance etc.


CG Finco Pvt. Limited – It is a principal agent of Western Union Financial Service Inc. (USA), handling since 2003, inward money transfers from different parts of the globe. CG Finco is the market leader among 9 principal agents of Western Union in Nepal handling the largest number of transactions among all players. It has recently started its own independent Domestic Money Transfers by which customers can send and receive money to any part of the country.


Nabil Investment Banking Limited (Nabil Invest) – It is promoted jointly by a Nabil Bank along with CG Finco. It offers various services such as Initial Public Offers (IPOs)/Further Public Offers, Underwriting, Portfolio Management, Registrar to Securities (RTS), Advisory Services like, Investment Advisory, Mergers & Acquisitions, Project Counseling, Loan Syndication and Valuation.


GCCP is a private equity fund set-up to invest in various cement plants around the world. Currently capitalized at US$ 25 million, GCCP will eventually have a capital based of US$ 80-100 million. Current investments are in Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Mozambique.