CG Energy Global Pte Ltd was set up as a fully owned subsidiary of CINNOVATION Inc. It was established with a vision to be a worldwide leader in the Energy and Infrastructure sector to meet the growing demand for efficient and clean energy. With this vision, it began its operation by setting up its first Hydro Power unit in Nepal – a country with huge deficit and untapped potential in this particular sector.

EPC Company – Himal Hydro

CG has acquired Himal Hydro, one of the largest EPC Company in Nepal which will undertake contracts for development of various power projects, both in-house and those in the markets, and other construction and infrastructure development projects in Nepal and/or outside Nepal. Although Himal Hydro’s core business area is construction, it is emerging as a developer of hydropower projects as well. With this aim, it has acquired licenses for few Hydro projects and is carrying out detailed feasibility and design works of those projects. Himal Hydro has got its in-house survey, design and development team to carry out these jobs.

Consultancy Services

A consultancy SPV CG Siddhakali Hydro Consult (P) Ltd. has already been established and is in operation for providing various consultancy services to the hydropower projects under development.


CG Energy along with its SPV has acquired 3 projects namely Trisuli-Galchi, Madi-Siti and Lower Chameliya. Another 2 hydropower projects namely Super Madi and Middle Modi are in the advanced stages and are ready for construction.

Madi-Siti Power will be the first reservoir type Hydro Power Project in Nepal initiated from the private sector.